Sports Club/LA Sales Trailer - Chestnut Hill, MA

Project Summary

Looking to expand their club portfolio, Sports Club LA has created a smaller 30,000 sf “Jewel Box” model to complement their much larger models.  Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts is the first location for the new model and is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2013.  In addition to the new club, Sports Club LA asked S3 to design the Pre-Sales Office located adjacent to the new site.  Due to the limitation of leasable space in the surrounding area, Sports Club LA chose to use a modular trailer for pre-sales located on the site of the new club.  A scrim was designed to surround the trailer that reflected the design of the new club.  

The desire to engage with the local neighborhood by connecting with potential clients and existing members was important to Sports Club LA. S3 designed a large temporary deck area with walls to provide a sense of space and shield the lounge area from the noise of Route 9.  Graphic banners were used to hide the trailer and provide information about the new club.  S3 used existing parking islands as part of the landscape design to mitigate cost and supplemented the landscaping with potted flora that could be changed seasonally.  S3 selected the outdoor furniture that had similar qualities to what would eventually be used in the club.

The interior of the trailer was modified to be a scaled down version of the main club’s reception area.  The finishes used reflect the look and feel of the club.  Technology was integrated into Millwork to provide potential members with virtual tours of the new club, and private sales offices were incorporated to provide privacy.