Marilyn Monroe Glamour Room

Project Summary

Marilyn’s life produced some of world’s most iconic images.  Through those images, people experience Marilyn in many different ways from luxurious and seductive to casual and comfortable.  Whether in a gown or in jeans Marilyn epitomizes a timeless beauty and even today, many years after her passing the world still recognizes her as a symbol of sensuality, free spirit and glamour.

S3 Design felt that in order to design a concept for the Glamour bar they needed to first understand how the three spa unit types would be conceptualized.  The three unit types, Nail Boutique, Glamour Room and Signature Spa, capture both the attributes and the uniqueness of Marilyn to establish a guiding personality for each offering.

Glamour Room: This reflects Marilyn with her most sassy and seductive allure.  Like a photo that flirts with you for fun, while deep down everyone knows who is in control, the Glamour Room delivers a blend of fun that is balanced with sophistication.  While visiting the Glamour Room, the client becomes a celebrity for a day with VIP areas and a space that captures the whimsical sensuality that Marilyn possessed. The clientele of the glamour bar will feel as comfortable in their surroundings as Marilyn was with being a woman.