HCOA Fitness - Santurce, Puerto Rico

Project Summary

HCOA Fitness is the leading provider of Health and Fitness in the Puerto Rico market.  They have 14 location throughout the island, with the Santurce location being the latest addition to their portfolio.  Santurce is one of the districts in San Juan noted for its large street art murals and local art scene. As the design architect, in conjunction with OBRA Arquitectura, the local architect, S3 designed a space that showcases 2 large murals created by art students from a local school.  The space is designed to allow members to see a large portion of the club upon entering the lower level and circulation to and from the locker rooms.  Members have the option of using a large fitness floor, group X studio, cycling studio, or a yoga studio, which is new to the HCOA Fitness offering.