Eckerd College Athletics and Recreation Master Plan - St. Petersburg, FL


This planning study reflects the current existing condition of the campus.  The recommendations provided are intended to compliment and support the future developments anticipated by the Master Plan.   

As a springboard for the planning process the project committee reviewed the guiding principles from the Master Plan, and considered the principles applied to Athletics and Recreation:

CELEBRATE the unique location of the College and enhance the campus as a place for intellectual, imaginative and spiritual formation.

Better ENGAGE the water’s edge as an athletic and recreation resource for body, mind and spirit. 

IMPROVE spectator experience through better connections to campus to integrate athletics and its appeal and accessibility to all.

INVIGORATE the residential community of students in close proximity to an academic and social setting, giving primacy to pedestrian and bicycle transportation.

EMPHASIZE  the cohesiveness of the faculty and optimize opportunities for interdisciplinary study supported by architectural elements that reinforce personalized teaching and mentoring.  

STRENGTHEN the ability of the campus to withstand tropical storms and hurricanes.

EMBODY an environmentally protective and ecologically sound approach to facilities and land use by conserving natural resources with sustainable or renewable materials.