Delray Beach Open Master Plan - Delray Beach, FL


The Delray Beach community is home to the Delray Beach Open. The Tennis complex is located in the center of the town’s redevelopment area. Hudson Holdings LLC, asked S3 Design to help them pull together a master plan that includes a 7,500-seat Tennis Arena, 750-seat and 500-seat Tennis venues, hotel, and a 150,000 sf Convention Center with parking to serve the entire complex.


S3 designed a site that buried all the parking and service areas below grade, while wrapping a public park across the roofs of the parking, convention center and tennis venue support. This solution provide the city of Delray Beach the opportunity to have a park in the downtown development while the Delray Beach Open received a state-of-the-art Tennis Performance Venue with retractable roof and practice venues.

The solutions goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between all the program elements and a sustainable architectural solution that captures rainwater, minimizes heat island impact, and encourages a more pedestrian culture throughout the city fabric. 

The venue is scaled to be able to handle 20,000 people during a main event week with restaurant, shopping and lodging all adding to the patrons experience.