Coppin State University - Athletics and Recreation Center


The sports complex at Coppin State University reclaims land formerly occupied by light industrial uses. The project began with a site planning phase in which numerous design options were evaluated. The options solved a complex series of site issues ranging from maximizing the program to balancing storm water management opportunities.

The site area for the Athletic and Student Recreation Center almost doubles the size of the campus at Coppin State. The sports complex integrates indoor facilities with outdoor fields framed by buildings to extend the fabric of the campus. This integration of the sports and recreation program adds valuable programmed green space into the urban campus while establishing a cohesive pedestrian experience.

A primary goal of the project is to engage the avenue to the north and create a new campus gateway visible to the community. The gateway provides a link from the campus to the community both physically and symbolically. The activities within the project include spectator opportunities and community outreach programs to which the community is welcome.


The complex provides Coppin State with added security by creating a strong campus edge. By claiming the edge with active programs that provide visual security, the programs remain accessible and open and help to make the surrounding areas more safe and secure. The goal is to create a welcoming and friendly environment that embraces the community as opposed to building a fortress. The public may pass through the building to campus looking into the activities that surround them without entering the secure zone of the building.



2013, 2012 Architectural Showcase, Athletic Business

Project Credit

Salvatore Canciello was the lead designer/project architect while at Sasaki Associates.