Cobb International Village - Georgia

The master plan for Cobb International Village (CIV), is built more on a vision than on a plan for a park.

Imagine a place where you can go with your family to exercise, shop, dine, watch movies, see festivals or just hang out and enjoy the weather. Imagine a place where nature, architecture, and all that you experience meld together, allowing your interaction with all these components to be seamless. Imagine a place where your children will dance on splash pads, play pick-up games of basketball, and enjoy time with friends. Imagine a place where your daughter will get married in a setting that displays all that nature can provide in the way of beauty.

CIV will be that place. CIV’s master plan is designed to bring this dream to the people of Cobb County, Georgia.


The park’s design will pull people out of their cars and into an urban botanical edge that buffers the main lawn from the parking. This edge will signify the park’s entrance and will provide the majority of the restaurant and retail offerings of the park. However, the beauty of the Urban botanical edge is that as patrons move through it, they will gain glimpses of the natural landscape that has been sculpted to accentuate the topography. Once through the edge, they will be able to dine and have spectacular views of the lawn and the adjacent hillside. They will enjoy the ability to meander along the large plaza that bisects the park, while watching children chase each other around the splash pad during the summer and ice skate during the winter.

The lawn, located in the center of the park, is designed to be the heart and soul of the park. It is terraced with natural landscape features that will allow people further away from entertainers to be higher up and able to clearly see the front of the park.  It will allow for large festivals to take place while providing people ample room to circulate and enjoy the atmosphere.  


On the west side of the lawn is the Botanical edge, and is captured with a promenade that allows for visitors to move north and south through ever skirting the natural beauty of the western edge of the park, while being able to feel connected to the lawn.

The promenade has smaller food venues perfectly placed along the edge, with natural areas carved out for outdoor reading and dining rooms, exterior art exhibits, bridges over babbling brooks and pathways that ascend the hill to amphitheaters, wedding venues and Cooper’s Tree House.


Halfway up the hill, adjacent to a small pool of water that cascades down to the lawn, is Cooper’s Tree House, a memorial to a wonderful little man. The tree house is perfectly situated so that most entrances to the park will have a subtle view corridor focusing on the memorial, attracting many to travel through the park, and up the gentle hillside.

As moms, dads, grandparents and children move through the park they will pass the organic gardens. Here the park will display how they can use the most advanced urban and suburban farming techniques to put healthy fresh vegetables on their dinner table. CIV expects that classes and seminars will be held for the people of Cobb County that allow this to be a wonderful teaching environment for all who visit the park.


On the southeast quadrant of the park is the athletic village; it will be home to the velodrome, youth soccer fields, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and for those of us not athletic enough to play real golf, miniature golf. It will be anchored with the cycling program, a bike shop and the park’s bike rentals. Its placement in the topography will allow for spectators in the velodrome to have a view north that cascades down the lawn.

As people explore the western botanical side of the park, they will find a wonderful wedding venue tucked into the edge of the hillside. The event venue will be surrounded with breathtaking landscapes that will accentuate one of the most important days of one’s life. 

On the far western edge is a cultural kids’ zone that allows kids to engage in many of the daily experiences that adults have in a scaled-down village that is sized just right for them. It allows for them to be police officers, grocery store owners, pilots, astronauts, farmers and many others. It will give them a chance to learn and use their imagination in an effort to prepare them for life’s wonderful opportunities.

CIV is an experience that will blend international cultures, nature and architecture seamlessly for the enjoyment of Cobb County.