Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA


S3 Design provided athletic and recreation master planning support for the 2010 master plan update for Carnegie Mellon University. Working in collaboration with Ayers, Saint Gross, several site locations were tested for their potential development for athletics and recreation.


The first phase of the study analyzed a combination of renovation, new building, and additions to achieve the future program goals for athletics and recreation. The study examined athletics and recreation program elements to determine possible phasing scenarios coordinated with other planned campus development. As a result of this study it was determined that the programmatic needs could be achieved through a combination of additions and renovations to existing facilities. This approach worked well with the overall Master Plan, and helps to shorten the construction time line, by eliminating the need to acquire new building sites.


The second phase of the study provided a detailed program of spaces. Through a series of workshops the program was divided into two additions to separate buildings. The program was split to support the opportunities that the existing facilities provided to support the synergies between student life programs, recreation, club sports, intramural sports and varsity teams.

As a result of the study, the University has an achievable road map that includes building program, massing, and blocking and stacking that supports the mission and vision of Athletics, Recreation, and the overall campus.