Boston Sports Club - Watertown, MA

Project Summary

The Arsenal area of Watertown, Massachusetts was a strategic location in the Boston Sports Club portfolio.  The location’s goal was to solidify an extensive suburban offering. The focus of the club’s design was on promoting its program offerings.  It was important that the cardio floor and pool were visible from the front desk area.  The basketball courts and the group fitness studios were located at either ends of the cardio and strength floor, thus anchoring the workout floor.  The stretching area was located in the center of the club making it easily accessible for members to utilize.  The existing Arsenal Building’s narrow depth allowed for the pool to be located on the opposite side of the building from the front desk, and yet still be very visible.  The pool’s clean white box was accented with aqua-colored mosaic tile to deliver a punch to the design aesthetic.  The large windows on the arsenal street side of the pool provide an abundance of natural light into the pool volume, making it a very pleasant environment.  The locker rooms were designed to feel clean and spacious allowing club members to circulate freely throughout the locker rooms without feeling congested.

Project Credit

Bryan Dunkelberger was the lead designer/project manager while at Sasaki Associates.