Bosse Sports and Health Club - Sudbury, MA

Project Summary

The interior design of Bosse Sports is meant to evoke the lifestyle of the clientele it serves.  Bosse Sports embraces the entire family and provides a full range of lifestyle choices and athletic pursuits in a refined, uncrowded, energized environment. The entrance area is welcoming and has partial views of the pool and fitness floor.  The circulation sequence to the locker rooms is designed so that the many amenities of the club unfold and are showcased, letting the members know what activities are available to them. 

As a reflection of the mission of the club, the design responds to the patterns of use. The Juice bar and lounge are the centerpiece of the experience.  Their location at the center of the club is designed so that as family members finish their workouts, lessons, or spa treatments, they have a central gathering area where they can hang out, meet, and cool down. To enhance the spa clientele’s experience, the spa area is located on the second floor away from the congestion of the main club. From the welcoming entrance to the high-end locker rooms, Bosse Sports design matches the lifestyles of the surrounding neighborhood and members.