Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge - Brewster, MA on Cape Cod


The Beach House Spa is just minutes down the street from the Ocean Edge Mansion, an iconic building, located in Brewster, MA on the bay side of Cape Cod. The spa is designed with a reception and boutique area, manicure area, pedicure area, 6 treatment rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as a large lounge for wedding parties and relaxation. The spa’s design aspirations were to create an environment that encourages the same relaxation one feels when lounging around a beach house on vacation. The décor is sophisticated, yet comfortable and compliments the Brewster atmosphere. 


The wedding lounge was designed to support the numerous bridal parties that Ocean Edge Resorts host for weddings. The lounge provides multiple support services for brides, including hairstyling, makeup, refreshments, and space to lounge while the entire bridal party is getting ready. The Beach House Spa’s design offers a variety of spa services in a very tiny foot print, thus providing the town of Brewster with a new amenity for vacationers, wedding parties and locals.